January 18th, 2008

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 17th January Thursday.

z,mutt and i were supposed to meet up at midnight for some good eating at pasir ris central,but mutt was late and i already ate,so our mate z was the only one who had a good meal at central.

There is a place in pasir ris that is rumoured to be haunted.It is located barely five minutes from our cribs,so we decided to check it out.

Upon arrival,we noticed that the gates were locked but part of the fence was down.Getting in was goin to be EZ PZ.
BUT... There were da guardians.


After mutt tried to make made his point clear to da guardians that we meant no harm,we were able to move in without much worries.

Da red house.

Dubious.Da house did not look very red,but it was swee nonetheless.

Da courtyard was swee swee.

We had to check out da interior.

Oh yeah. Entry please.

Mang! Check out those fancy doors.Nice.

Looking good. Da corridor was looking really inviting.

But on to da main attraction.

DA TUB. mang! Anyone fancies a rub in da tub?

Looks damaged.Be prepared to pump your dump by hand if you ever find the need to use da bowl.

Da place is beautiful.Mang!

An indoor garden.WILD!

After checking out most parts of da place,we decided it was time to get out.It was good while it lasted.
The chalets nearby simply pale in comparison to da red house.

After leaving da place,we went for some cheap and good drinking at elias mall before heading back to our cribs.